Athletics Bylaws

1. Article 1 – The Missouri Valley AAU Athletics Division
1.1. Name
1.1.1. Missouri Valley AAU Athletics is a Division that falls under the authority of the Missouri Valley AAU Executive Committee.
1.2. Objectives of Missouri Valley AAU Athletics
1.2.1. Promote Track and Field and Cross Country among the Youth of the Missouri Valley District
1.2.2. Foster the ideals of good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and model the importance of being positive examples for others
1.2.3. Reinforce the importance of hard work, discipline, and encouragement on the track and in the classroom
1.2.4. Build and foster healthy relationships between athletes, clubs and associations.
1.3. Governance and Affiliation with Other Organizations
1.3.1. Missouri Valley AAU Athletics will be governed by these bylaws and the rules and regulations of the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU).

2. Article 2 Executive Committee
2.1. Offices
2.1.1. District Sports Director
2.1.2. Vice Chairman
2.1.3. Treasurer
2.1.4. Secretary
2.2. Quorum
2.2.1. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be deemed to exist whenever a majority of the officers are present or whenever the Chairman or Vice Chairman is present with two (2) other active officers.
2.2.2. Officers must be regularly participating in Executive Committee meetings.
2.2.3. If a Quorum is present, the vote of the quorum is considered to be an act of the Executive Committee.
2.2.4. Only attending members will have a vote.
2.2.5. At no time shall a majority Quorum be represented from one club.
2.3. Duties of the Executive Committee
2.3.1. Propose and approve guidelines (bylaws) for the operation of the organization.
2.3.2. Host selection and format of the meets held for Missouri Valley District Qualifying Meets.
2.3.3. The Executive Committee will be authorized to appoint a sub-committee as deemed necessary to solicit input and recommendations on areas that will promote the growth of the Athletics Division.
2.3.4. The Executive Committee will ensure all planning and scheduling of events is conducted in a fair and professional manner.
2.3.5. All Committee Chairpersons serve at the pleasure of the Executive Committee and can be replaced by a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Committee.
2.3.6. The Executive Committee supervises the fundraising and advertising activities.
2.3.7. The Executive Committee approves expenditures of funds.
2.3.8. Provide direction to Member Clubs in the organization and execution of District Qualifying Meets.
2.3.9. Ensures Membership compliance for all Association Clubs, Contacts & Coaches
2.3.10. Approve the season meet calendar.

3. Article 3 – Duties of Officers General: Each officer shall deliver to their respective successor all official documents, material, manuals, seals, accounts, Organization's property, and any and all other matters incidental to their office within ten (10) days following the election of their successor. Any member of the Executive Committee can be removed from office with cause by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Organization present at a regular or called meeting. Causes for removal include but are not limited to: habitual absence from meetings, breach of confidentiality of Organization's business transactions, and any unethical conduct proving detrimental to the image and success of the Organization.
3.1. District Sports Director –
3.1.1. Presides over all meetings of the Organization and Executive Committee at which he/she is present; and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by these bylaws of the Organization or that may be necessary and expedient to promote the purposes of the Organization.
3.1.2. Represents the Athletics Division of AAU at all AAU Missouri Valley Association Meetings.
3.1.3. Appointment of committee to audit the Organization's books as deemed necessary.
3.1.4. The District Sports Director will serve as an advocate and ambassador in communicating with all clubs in promoting the sport and in striving to increase the growth of the Athletics Division responsible for the direction of events.
3.1.5. The District Sports Director will be responsible for keeping the Governor and Secretary of the Association informed of committee actions and recommendations and consult with the AAU Governor on any issues that may require his expertise for input.
3.1.6. Authorize disbursements from the treasury.
3.1.7. To call meetings of the Executive Committee or of the Membership.
3.1.8. To serve as the general representative of the Executive Committee.
3.1.9. Responsible for AAU Website
3.1.10.Assures that all meets sponsored by the Missouri Valley AAU Athletics are sanctioned by the host club
3.1.11.Responsible for sending out notices of scheduled meeting with preferably a 30 day notice, but no less than 3 weeks notification.
3.1.12.The District Sports Director will keep all clubs informed through emailing minutes of meetings to members not in attendance or through telephone contacts on an as needed basis.
3.2. Vice Chairman –
3.2.1. The Vice-Chairman shall act as aid to the District Sports Director and shall perform all duties defined in the job functions defined in Section 3.1 of the By-laws or assigned when the Chairman is unable to perform.
3.2.2. Presides over meetings in the absence of the District Sports Director.
3.2.3. Fills the position of District Sports Director for the remainder of his term should the District Sports Director resign or no longer be able to perform his duties.
3.2.4. Acts as Executive Committee Registrar to register members / coaches with the AAU.
3.2.5.Assist the District Sports Director in completing defined tasks in the preparation and post meet of the District Championship meet.
3.2.6.Oversees defined responsibilities during the course of the District Championship meet.
3.2.7.Serves as a juror of appeal at the District Championship meet.
3.2.8.Completes Press Releases for Executive Committee events and releases to local and statewide media.
3.2.9.Responsible for Executive Committee Advertising and public notification of events.
3.2.10. Requests approval from the Executive Committee for advertising funds and methods of advertising.
3.3. Treasurer -
3.3.1.Shall have responsibility for the funds of the organization,
3.3.2.Shall keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures, and shall make any disbursements in accordance with the approved budget, as authorized by the Organization, and/or by the commission of the Chairman;
3.3.3.Shall make a reporting of all financial transactions and the financial disposition of the Organization at all meetings as an agenda item.
3.3.4.Responsible for handling, receipt and disbursement of Executive Committee funds.
3.3.5.Maintains Treasurers Records, bank card and bank account
3.3.6.Provides monthly report to Executive Committee of Directors
3.3.7.Submits an annual report to the Executive Committee of Directors at the annual meeting.
3.4. Secretary -
3.4.1.Shall record the minutes of the proceedings of the Organization and the Committee.
3.4.2.Shall cause all communications to be distributed as directed to all registered clubs and to the Secretary and President of the Association, shall receipt all funds paid over to the organization and shall maintain a written record of all such funds.
3.4.3.Responsible for recording, updating and distribution of Executive Committee meeting minutes.
3.4.4.Responsible for proposing to the Executive Committee fundraising activities.
3.4.5.Proposes approval of sponsors to the Executive Committee.
3.4.6.Responsible for maintaining fundraising financial records.
3.4.7.Directs funds from sponsors and from fundraising activities to the Treasurer when received.

4. Article 4 – Nomination and Election of Officers
4.1. Officers are nominated and elected during the annual general meeting held following the end of the regular season in accordance with AAU National By-laws.
4.2. The District Sports Director remains in office for four consecutive years per the National AAU bylaws. Re-election will be conducted at the Missouri Valley Annual AAU meeting.
4.3. Other officers shall remain in office for two consecutive years after which time an election will be held to elect new officers
4.4. The District Sports Director may appoint officers to fill new or vacated Executive Committee positions. Confirmation by a majority vote of the Organization representatives present at a regular or special called meeting is required.

5. Article 5 – Organization Membership
5.1. Definition and Representation
5.1.1.Active Club – an organization duly registered with the AAU National Office with at least five (5) members. To be in good standing, neither individual nor the club membership may be revoked.
5.1.2.Each Active Club receives one vote for election purposes. A Club must be present at any meeting to exercise their voting rights.
5.1.3.Association Officers and members of the National Office are considered Ad Hoc members for attendance at any regular or special meetings.
5.1.4. Invited Guests to regular or special meetings require prior approval of the Chairman. Approved Guests will not have voting rights and may not participate in meetings unless and until they are recognized by the Chairman.
5.1.5.A Club's voting rights may be revoked by the Executive Committee if, in the opinion of a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Committee, the Club's behavior is not consistent with the Objectives of the Organization. Clubs may be referred to the National Body for further Sanctions.
5.1.6.Any club will forfeit the right to host or co-host a meet if a representative is not present for scheduled meetings. Any clubs who are eligible to host/co-host a Qualifying Meet will be required to have a representative of that club present to present their request and to coordinate with other clubs meet dates.
5.2. Volunteer Membership
5.2.1.The Organization is organized and run by all volunteers for the benefit of it member athletes and clubs. Since it is an all volunteer organization it is necessary that members step up and assist at meets and volunteer for Executive Committee functions. Only with everyone working together can we achieve our objectives.
5.3. Travel
5.3.1.Members and clubs are expected to provide travel to and from events.
5.4. Annual General Meeting – Order of Business
5.4.1.Call to order
5.4.2.Approval of minutes from last meeting
5.4.3.Treasurer's Report
5.4.4.Other Executive Committee Member Reports
5.4.5.Unfinished business
5.4.6.Proposed changes to Bylaws
5.4.7.Nomination and Election of new Officers
5.4.8.New business

6. Article 6 – Events
6.1. Sanctioning of Executive Committee events by AAU Sanctioning by the National AAU Office is required for all sponsored events.
6.2. AAU registration at Executive Committee sponsored events All athletes are required to establish AAU Membership prior to competition in an AAU sanctioned event.
6.3. District Event Requirements
6.3.1.All clubs hosting and co-hosting meets will be required to abide by the guidelines established and approved by the Executive Committee and National Guidelines. Any club(s) failure to comply fully will risk sanctions for the next season.
6.3.2.Any new club joining the association will be required to co-host with a club prior to hosting a meet through the Missouri Valley AAU Athletics Association.
6.3.3.All meets must be sanctioned by the primary host club no less than 30 days prior to their scheduled meet, but preferably by the start of the season once the schedule has been set. A copy of the sanction will be emailed to the Chairman.
6.3.4.It will be the responsibility of the host club to secure a site in which the track, field event area, seating and bathroom facilities are adequate for the athletes, coaches and spectators. Final determination is to be made by the Chairman
6.3.5.All fees for the District Championship meet for all hosting/co-hosting clubs to follow will be set on an annual basis prior to the start of each new season.
6.3.6.The order of running and field event schedule for the District Championship meet will be approved in the annual planning meetings prior to the start of the season.
6.3.7.Changes to the Meet Schedule within 14 days of the event must be requested in writing by the Meet Director and approved by the Executive Committee.
6.3.8.All pertinent information pertaining to the meet schedule, clubs etc will be posted out on the Missouri Valley website.
6.3.9.All clubs will be required to follow the pre-registration requirements for meets that are approved in the annual meeting.
6.4. Bid Guidelines
6.4.1. All bidding Clubs must comply with Article 5.1.1 before submitting bids, failure to do so may cause the bid to be rejected.
6.4.2.All bids must be submitted to the Executive Committee by 11:59PM two (2) weeks prior to the Annual Meeting date or meeting date set by the Executive Committee.
6.4.3.All bids must comply with Article 6.3.4 by the said due
date. If bids are submitted prior to the due date, reviewed by the Executive Committee and found not to be in compliance with Article 6.3.4, the Club will be notified in writing and given three (3) days from the date of notification to comply. The three day compliance period may not extend past the 2 week notification period referenced in Article 6.4.2.
6.4.4.All Clubs submitting a bid and having met the al requirements of Article 5 and Article 6 will have five (5) minutes to present their Bid at the meeting designated for setting Meet dates.
6.4.5.All Clubs voting on District Qualifier must meet Article
5.1.1. Each Active Club receives one vote for election purposes. A Club must be present at any meeting to exercise their voting rights.
6.4.6.All District Qualifier votes are conducted by closed ballot. Ballots are total by the Executive Committee.
6.4.7.All District Qualifier Bids should have the following:
· Approval Letter from Venue
· Picture of Venue, if available
· Name/names of hosting Club/Clubs
6.5. The Missouri Valley Athletics Association will host one of the District Qualifying Meets (DQM). The meet proceeds will be used to fund future operations of the Missouri Athletics organization.
6.5.1. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to disperse funds for the furtherance of Missouri Valley Athletics. Acceptable expenses include, but are not limited to:
¨ General Office expenses to conduct the business of the Association,
¨ Providing scholarships to deserving Missouri Valley Athletes,
¨ Sponsoring annual athlete recognition events,
¨ Assisting Host Clubs with pre-payment of Medals for District Qualifying Meets
¨ Providing Coaches Clinics
¨ Providing Youth Clinics

7. Article 7 – Financial Management
7.1. Reporting
7.1.1.Monthly Treasurer's report to the Executive Committee (during the season)
7.1.2.Annual Treasurer's report to the membership (following the season)
7.2. Revenue
7.2.1.Revenue is intended to cover the costs of awards for
the District Meet
7.2.2.Other costs approved by the Executive Committee.
7.3. Expenditures
7.3.1.All expenditures of Missouri Valley AAU Athletics are intended for the benefit of the organization and its member clubs.

8. Article 8 – Conduct of Business
8.1. Proposed Bylaw Changes
8.1.1.Proposed Bylaw changes may be brought to the board by petition of the membership.
8.2. Recommendation by the Executive Committee to present to the membership
8.2.1.The board then brings the proposed change to the membership at the annual meeting with a recommendation. A majority vote of the membership is required for approval.
8.3. Voting
8.3.1.Each active club and board member in good standing is permitted 1 vote. A Board Member cannot represent their Club and their Board position in voting. Only one vote is permitted per person.
8.3.2.A registered club representative must be present to vote. Voting by proxy is not permitted.
8.3.3.No one Club can represent 50% or more of the voting members.
8.3.4.The Official Roster is determined on the date that the Annual Meeting Notice is posted, typically 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.
8.4. Approval by the members
8.4.1.A majority vote of the attending membership is required for approval.

9. Article 9 – Dissolution
9.1. Dissolution and dispensation of funds
9.1.1.With a 2/3 majority vote of the board dissolution can be proposed. If the membership is unable to provide replacement board members willing to take on the leadership responsibilities, the board will be dissolved with a simple majority vote of the board. Funds and assets will be liquidated to first pay any outstanding debt. Any remaining funds shall be dispersed as directed by the board's final act to a local registered charity involved with youth athletics.


November 8th, 2014
Meet Clinic- Guest Speaker, Charles Oliver (Coach O) National Meet Director

Coming Soon
USA Certification Official Clinic


  • Promote Track and Field and Cross Country among the Youth of the Missouri Valley District
  • Foster the ideals of good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and model the importance of being positive examples for others
  • Reinforce the importance of hard work, discipline, and encouragement on the track and in the classroom
  • Build and foster healthy relationships between athletes, clubs and associations.